We are getting started on a new fall season where we will be stepping up a notch. We are going to some better tournaments where recruiting is the main objective. We have several changes that will be happening to improve our program so that we can take the next step forward.

First thing is we are going from JAG to Wow Factor NoVA. This will get us more exposure for the players and get to go to better events so that our players are being seen. We really have some solid teams which have proven that by beating some really good teams. Our main goal is still to make every player as good as they want to be and to get them seen by coaches so they have a chance to play at the next level if that’s what the player wants to do. I will have all the uniform ordering info sent out in the next day or two and have the pictures at the bottom of the page. The cost is about $100 for the fall and then in the summer will be ordering the big package of uniforms.

We will have a PBR Scout Day this September, don’t know the exact date/time but will be held during the week on a wednesday or thursday evening so everyone can do it.

I have a website for each of the teams with rosters, coaches and tournaments that we will be playing. Like I said we are stepping the game up so get prepared.

- 15U - https://www.jagbb.com/wf-nova-15u.html

- 16U - https://www.jagbb.com/wf-nova-16u.html

- 17U/18U - https://www.jagbb.com/wf-nova-17u18u.html

We will have some specialized training for players if the players want to do it and it’s not mandatory only if they want to do it:

John Donolly - Strength & Conditioning being held at Hughes’s Facility in Alexandria (Will send out exact address). He will have 3 tiers of payments/sessions. All payments will go directly to Donolly

- 8 week - Twice a week with an option of a 3rd day or substitute day

- 4 week - Twice a week with an option of a 3rd day or substitute day

- Individual Sessions

Jack Ferrick - Catcher’s U https://www.catchersu.com/

Not sure exactly what we will do but either once a week for 1 hr or he will hold a 1 day 3 hour camp. Info will be sent out soon.

Uniforms are about to be ordered, you will receive a link to order uniforms and will come straight to the player.