GP Games Played
PA Plate Appearances
AB At Bats
H Hits
1B Single
2B Double
3B Triple
HR Home Runs
RBI Runs Batted In
R Runs Scored
HBP Hit By Pitch
ROE Reached on Error
FC Hit into Fielder's Choice
CI Catchers Interference
BB Base on Balls
K Strikeout
K-L Strikeout Looking
AVG Batting Average
OBP On-base Percentage
SLG Slugging Percentage
OPS On-base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage
PA/BB Plate Appearances Per Walk
BB/K Walks Per Strikeout
C% Contact Percentage
SB Stolen Bases
CS Caught Stealing
SB% Stolen Base Percentage
PIK Picked Off
GIDP Ground into Double Play
GITP Ground into Triple Play
XBH Extra Base Hits
TB Total Bases
AB/HR At Bats Per Home Run
BA/RISP Batting average with runners in scoring position
PS Pitches seen
PS/PA Pitches seen per plate appearance
2S+3 Plate appearances in which batter sees 3+ pitches after 2 strikes
2S+3% % of plate appearances in which batter sees 3+ pitches after 2 strikes
6+ Plate appearances with 6+ pitches
6+% % of plate appearances of 6+ pitches
FLB% Fly ball percentage
GB% Ground ball percentage
SAC Sacrifice hits & bunts
SF Sacrifice flies
LOB Runners left on base when batter is out
HHB Hard hit balls: Total line drives and hard ground balls
QAB Quality at bats (any one of: 3 pitches after 2 strikes, 6+ pitch ABs, XBH, HHB, BB, SAC Bunt, SAC Fly)
QAB% Quality at bats per plate appearance
BABIP Batting average on balls in play
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